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With a professional set up that is bright and colourful, staff that are well organized and children who look forward to SandWizard returning, I highly recommend them also because kids just can’t get enough.

Scott Muldoon - Branch Manager - Nerang PCYC



Children are mesmerized with their finished picture that they can keep forever; a hassle free activity with fantastic results.

Kerrie Lada - Past President Child Care Qld
Hardy’s Road Early Child Care Centre Qld


Popular craft involving all the children. Definitely recommended as an activity, particularly as all the equipment is provided.

Michelle McEwan - Director
Flagstone OSHC


The look on their faces is worth a million dollars.

Impact Ministries - Gold Coast


We once again have booked SandWizard for the Easter holidays, the children enjoy it so much, and it’s great fun.

Claire Watson - Group Leader
Sesame Lane Child Care Morayfield


This letter is to express our appreciation of you and your magic SandWizard team. The effort, time and length you went to, to make this event successful was enormous and we are so greatful and thankyou for your support.

Krystyn Bolton  - Corporate Relations
Bravehearts Inc




Hi, have been meaning to write to you for so long. We were very happy with your service for Sarah's party. It was lovely dealing with you. You made it so easy. The kids had a great time and enjoyed it so much.

Donna Aoutal


We couldn’t believe the “silence” while the children created their SandWizard designs

Glenn - Dad from Morayfield


I found out about you after you visited my son’s kindy last week. He came home and was so excited that we did the one he brought home together and he was so proud of himself; then my daughter saw what we were doing and wanted to get involved, so I decided that we could use this as an activity at her next birthday

Qld Customer


Thanks – I didn’t know customer service like yours still existed. We will definitely be recommending your products to each and everyone we can and will also buy more in the future. My daughter loves them.

North Lakes Shopping Centre Customer.


My son couldn’t sleep last night in anticipation of visiting you at the Shops again tomorrow. He has never been this enthusiastic about any activity before.

Booval Shopping Centre Mum


Hi there,
My 10-year old daughter, Renae and I recently visited Zambia. We planned to stay with some nuns in Livingstone and Lusaka, so we knew we will be visiting lots of orphaned children and so we took with us, SandWizard family packs. The children absolutely enjoyed them. It was a shame that we couldn't take more (due to the weight) but we're glad that we did… it brought many smiles to many faces. Thought I'd share this with you.

Kim Jeremiah


I just wanted to let you know that the SandWizard party hosted by Natalie was a huge Success! Natalie was fantastic with the children, it was so well run, so well organised and so much fun. I will highly recommend this party idea and your company! Natalie was so patient with the children and went the extra mile to make it such a success. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the activity and I think they could have sat there all day! I had mum's come up to me at school yesterday saying that their children thought "it was the best party in the whole wide world!'
Thank you again and please pass on our thanks to Natalie again also for the fantastic job she did for Kyla's 8th Birthday party.
Kind regards

Kelly Tobin


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My Dad has never done anything like this with me before; thank you so much, I will always remember today.

10 year old boy - Kippa Ring Shopping Centre


Thank you for the letter….SandWizard, I am onlY 11 but I love doing your art work. Jade is your biggest fan.

By Jade Allamby


On Monday, 3Mc went to an activity called SandWizard. It was outside Prep area. There was a magic carpet there too. You had to pick a number of a picture. My number was 35. Number 35 was a gorilla. We got a stick about as long as my palm. The stick was to pick off the big and tiny pieces. SandWizard are at The Pines Shopping Centre on the school holidays. We might get to go there. At school we got our pictures laminated. We did them for Father’s Day. I am glad that we did SandWizard. It was very fun. Thank you!

By Georgia


My class all went to Sand Wizard next to the Year 1 class rooms. When we got there we sat on SandWizard’s magic mat. And then we all started! Step 1, we had to outline it with black. We had a stick to peel off pieces of paper. There were spoons to help us put the sand on our paper---pictures. We had to put the spoon in the sand and pour the sand onto our pictures. After it was done you have to give it to the two ladies to get it laminated. After that we sat on the SandWizard’s magic mat and said good-bye to the two ladies. I chose a butterfly picture.

By Lauren


Our school did SandWizard. Riley and I did the same. We both did a horse. OK what you do is you first pick a picture and then you put a bit of black sand on the silver bits. You also have a wood pencil and what you do with it is, you pick off the yellow bits one at a time. Once you pick one yellow bit off you get coloured sand and put it over it. Before you laminate your picture you must write your name on a yellow piece of paper, then it is all done.

By Brea


For the treat today we did Sand Wizard for Fathers’ Day. We did it near Prep. I did a horse for my dad. The picture of the horse reminds me that he loves Horse Racing. The colours I chose were brown and yellow and orange and other colours. And in the end it was beautiful. I hope he likes it.

By Rory


Today we went to Sand Wizard. It was set up in the prep ground.
No. 1: You have to pick a picture. I picked the fish.
No. 2: You go to the black sand that is on the table and spread the black sand onto the outline.
No. 3: You go to whatever colour you want to pick. The colours that are there are pink, blue, green, and lots of different ones.
I had so much fun.

By Jemma


This morning we went to Sand Wizard and we made a picture out of sand. There was a white blank page that you had to peel off yourself. I did number 23 which is a picture of two fish kissing and it also says I LOVE YOU. Before we did Sand Wizard we got to play on the prep’s playground. Oh yes! I forgot to mention it was up on the Year 0ne’s veranda. It was for Father’s Day. I reckon that my dad will love it.

By Hannah


Today we did Sand Wizard. It was so fun because I got to do it with my mates. I did a bulldog for dad on Father’s Day. It was red and blue because he goes for the Western Bulldogs and their colours are red and blue. I hope I get to do it again.

By Nathan


Today we went to Sand Wizard. I did a dinosaur. We had to do black first then I did colourful colours. Damien copied. You had to pick the yellow sticky things off the picture and then the lady laminates it.

By Connor


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